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Chief Investment Officer, Partner: Salmón Mundi
CEO and Partner: Salmón Mundi Capital, SICAV

Before Guillermo was appointed CEO of the Sicav, he had spent ten years at Interdin where he served first in equity sales and then he joined the Analysis Department as the Analyst for the sectors of banks, airlines and paper. Studying banks as an analyst he found out the Austrian Economics approach. He began his professional career doing a rotational programme in Chase Manhattan Bank. In his early years he began managing family portfolios applying value-investing principles.
He holds a Bachelor´s Degree in Law and Business Administration from the Universidad Pontificia Comillas (ICADE; E-3). His main hobbies are reading history and investment books, as well as biographies and playing tennis, swimming and skiing.
He speaks Spanish, English and French.


Principal Analyst: Salmón Mundi
Partner: Salmón Mundi Capital, Sicav

Marta has been working in financial markets for over 10 years. She became principal analyst in 2013. Formerly she worked for three years in the Treasury Department of Banco Popular at the FX and fixed income desk. Before that, she had joined the Treasury of Inversis Bank and the international equity desk of Interdin as equity sales trader advising mostly Swiss and Italian clients. Since the beginning of her professional career she has been passionate about financial markets because they are global, changing and are related to human psychology. Her interest in the Austrian School of Economics began after reading “Money, Bank Credit and Economic Cycles” by Huerta de Soto.
She holds a Bachelor´s Degree in Law from the Universidad Pontificia Comillas (ICADE; E-1) and a Master’s Degree in Financial Markets and Alternative Investments (MFIA). Her main hobbies are travelling around the world, reading philosophy books, officiating at triathlon events and running.
She speaks Spanish, English, Italian and German.


Salmón Mundi is the investment advisor of Salmón Mundi Capital SICAV.

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